Zein Obagi Wrinkle + Texture 0.5% retinol

50 ml
756,50 AED

Featuring a microemulsion delivery system, Wrinkle + Texture is a high-potency retinol that restores natural hydration, visibly improving the appearance of wrinkles and refining skin texture.

  • Helps reduce the appearance of lines + wrinkles
  • Supports the appearance of smooth skin texture
  • Improves skin function and the skin’s ability to retain hydration

  • 0.5% Retinol: Supports collagen health
  • ZCORE™ complex: Helps improve the appearance of visibly sagging skin
  • ZPRO®: Supports skin’s natural replenishment of hyaluronic acid

Apply to clean, dry skin.
The potency of Wrinkle + Texture can cause redness, dryness and peeling for the first few weeks. These anticipated reactions are a sign of effective stimulation of the skin and will subside with consistent use.
WARNING: Do not use on pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not use on damaged or broken skin.

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