Diamond Skin Team

We are innovative skincare startup


Our mission to make aesthetic cosmetology and beauty available for everyone.

To help this people we create the telemed service - online treatment.

Patients can do at home the three most popular same treatment as beauty clinic, facials, chemical peels, treatment + massage.

Our advantages

Artificial Intelligence

We are training deep machine leaning to recognise 4 types of skin it helps doctors quickly sort patients into groups

Highly qualified experts

5 aesthetic dermatologists +7 skincare experts in our team

International clinical guidelines

All protocols of the treatment meet international clinical guidelines

Our specialists

Xenia Butova

Aesthetic surgeon, Ph. D13 years of clinical experience. Author of the scientific articles about telemedicine and artificial intelligence. International speaker. The author of the patent AI for recognising varicose veins. Healthcare blogger. Author of the book «Edema, varicose veins, thrombosis». TV-host of the medical reality show “Embarrassing bodies” on U-tv

Anastasia Esipova

Cosmetologist, dermatologist, anesthetist, trichologist, laser therapist. 8 years of working experience and beauty market Member of European Society of dermatologist International speaker.

AI skin diagnostic

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