The most frequent questions:

You can pay on delivery in cash or the manager will create a personal link for the online payment. Without prior consultation with a doctor, you cannot buy the product.

Yes, of course, we attach clear video instructions on how to carry out the procedure step by step and you can always ask a question to the doctor in the chat. The procedure will not differ from the one that you would do in a beauty salon. Also, all components do not cause allergies and are safe.

We cooperate with the Italian brand of professional cosmetics Harmony Castle, all peels are certified and have passed clinical trials. We take the accompanying products for the procedure from such well-known dermatological brands as IMAGE skincare, Genosys, SkinClinic, Phyto-C

Yes, of course, we also give recommendations on home care, we have selected working schemes from the most famous professional products and will prescribe you professional care to solve your skin problem.

Since the peels we use do not damage the skin surface, they are prescribed for patients with the most sensitive skin.

As for the side effects, the skin hyperemia can be observed for several hours, but usually it goes away on its own. Our treatment schemes are safe and comply with international standards of procedures.

The procedure is carried out once in 10 days. The course of 4-8 procedures. Each box is designed for 4 procedures. After completing the course, our doctors evaluate the result of treatment.

You can repeat the course with peeling 3 times a year. Supportive procedures once a month are also desirable.

This new generation peel can be used all year round, since all acids are in a closed form. They do not damage the skin and go into its deep layers. After the procedure, you cannot sunbathe for only 3 days.

The rehabilitation period is minimal. And it includes 3 days: tightness of the skin for the first 2 days after the procedure. On day 3, the slight flakiness may appear in the most sensitive areas, which lasts for 3 days.

Acne treatment implies an aggravation. Since during this period there is a process of “cleansing” of the skin and rapid “maturation” of inflammatory elements.

But aggravation is not a mandatory period. 50% of patients have sustained remission after the first procedure.

Usually the result is noticeable after the first procedure, but if you have serious problems, it usually takes about 4-6 weeks.

We specifically conduct individual skin diagnostics before prescribing treatment, evaluate your skin type and condition, problems, and, depending on this, choose a personal treatment box.

You will receive a box with a professional peeling prescribed by a doctor and which is suitable for your skin type and your problems.
The box contains peeling, consumables and mini formats for 4-6 procedures.

We are an innovative company that will help you do peeling at home, while saving your budget.

Facial cleansing is not only a useless procedure and harmful to the skin. The result after cleansing the face is held for 3 days. The result after one peel procedure is held for a month. This is proven histologically. Facial cleansing injures the skin and damages the capillaries. Peels strengthen the vascular wall and slow down the development of Rosacea.

Yes, if we are in your city, then periodically 1-2 times a month we organize days of inperson  consultation, where you can ask all your questions at the meeting. But in general, online consultation is the same, but without spending time on the road.

You can take a free test on our website, after that, within a couple of days, our assistant will write to you and send you recommendations.

You can also try an online consultation with the doctor of our clinic.The doctor will select and prescribe treatment, professional cosmetics to treat your problems, as well as adjust your home care and help you choose the procedures that suit you. You can ask any questions you are interested in for 24 hours. Online consultation is a paid service.