Svetlana, 45

My name is Svetlana, I am 45 years old.
My skin started to fade and, as a result, I look constantly tired, all this because I work as an art dealer, which means ongoing events and regular exhibitions.

Auctions abroad, flights several times a week to hot or cold countries – it turned out to be a great stress for my skin!
To be honest, my diet is coffee and cigarettes and 5 hours of sleep.
Dark circles under the eyes are already difficult to hide .

I have always lack of time to go to a cosmetologist for procedures, especially in London, where I am usually based, it needs to be planned, and my plans always change and it is difficult for me to adjust.

I bought cosmetics on the advice of consultants in the massmarket, I gave a lot of money for it, expecting that it would help me.

But the effect was minimal.

Fantastic that I came across the DIAMOND SKIN CLINIC page.

The doctor consulted me and gave me recommendations for self care and prescribed me a box with ISECRET peeling for home use. The team supports throughout the entire period of the procedures.

Box is very easy to use, I even did the procedure while flying to New York to shine at the event in the evening. Peeling gives effect immediately and there are no consequences in the form of flaky skin. The skin seems to be filled with light. The skin began to look rested, full, the skin tone improved, tiny wrinkles were gone.

I don’t know if it’s connected, but I met a man and, of course, when self-confidence appears, life enhances and gives a fresh air.

Work started to fullfill me, sales increase 😂

Thank you Diamond Skin Clinic