Saikal, 36

Saikal, 36 years old

After the child birth due to hormonal disbalance, I had severe acne, I also gained a lot of weight + 25 kg and could not lose it. My reflection in the mirror did not please me at all, my husband did not like this and our marriage was on the rocks.

I knew for sure that it was all about my self-confidence and I had to start loving myself. I realized that acne primarily gives me insecurity and decided to find a clinic.
But the prices in Dubai for cosmetologist services is very high. Once in an advertisement I saw the post about home care at Diamond Skin Clinic. I decided to consult with Dr. Xenia, she prescribed me home treatment – peeling, enough for a month of application.
To be honest, I was skeptical at first, but after the first application I immediately saw the result and was already waiting for the next procedure.
Acne disappeared, the skin became look healthy and radiant. I started loving myself!
Without hesitation, I bought a box for six months in advance at very favorable rates!

And what do you think?
As soon as my husband saw me glowing, he decided that I had forgotten about him and I had an admirer!

Of course, it was a little hilarious to me , but my husband began court me as at our first meeting. Now we have fixed our relationship and the child is happy. Happy mom = happy family. Thanks to the Diamond Skin team!