Elina, 25

Hello everyone, my name is Elina, I am 25 years old, the last 5 of which I am periodically having acne.

In the summer of 2021, as an aspiring model and actress, I decided to try my luck in Hollywood and moved to Los Angeles. A week after moving, apparently due to climate change and poor water quality, my acne worsened, pimples appeared all over my face and even on my neck, plus my skin became sensitive and irritated.

I didn’t know what to do, because I was terribly embarassed about my face, the foundation and powder didn’t help me to hide the imperfections. Because of my self-doubt, I failed more than 10 auditions, and then I just fell into depression and did not go outside in the day time for 2 months, I did not even have money to feed myself. Fortunately my friends give me a “shelter”and occasionally I worked online. I wanted to go to a cosmetologist in Los Angeles, but it turned out to be so expensive that I fell into despair. One day I came across the Diamond Skin service on Instagram, saw their numerous before and after, the doctors gave me a free skin diagnosis, said that I had acne at 2-3 stage and they were ready to take me for treatment. The price surprised me, the course of treatment was 4 times cheaper than in the clinic! I immediately ordered a box with the same treatment as in the clinic for 4 procedures!!! The delivery came very quickly and I started professional peeling procedures.

My skin was getting better and better every week, I began to get out and I was becoming more self-confident every day. I auditioned as a model for a lot of promotional photo shoots and shootings, offers from agencies have appeared.

I stopped being embarrassed about my skin and started going on the dates, as a result, after a couple of weeks I already met the right guy and we are together up to this day, I felt no longer embarassed to go with him without makeup.

I never thought that acne can affect the perception of oneself in the world so much, that’s why it’s so important to find a competent skin treatment service.

I am sincerely grateful to the diamond skin team, they really make the world a better place by bringing the beauty and health of the skin to the masses.