Anastasia, 31

My name is Anastasia. I am 31 years old. I’ve been suffering from Acne since I was 14.

I was bullied at school and because of this I had complexes in my adult life. My job is related to performing on the stage. But when I was performing, I was only thinking about the fact that people are staring at my pimples. It’s very painful. I also felt embarrassed about men attitude, waking up in the morning without makeup, covering my face with my hands and hair. I could not find effective ways of treatment. When I tried the Box with peel, the result was immediate.


Confident performances and new relationships led me to move to another country, but the Diamond skin service stayed with me. I use facial cleansing and peels at home, in any country.

This is a great money saver. Now I am enjoying my reflection in the mirror, happy as a woman. And what is more important , I got a higher position because I became more confident at interviews.

This is a small problem on my face, once greatly spoiled my life. It’s in the past. And in the future , my favorite Diamond skin service will be with me.